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Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup 2018 – all you need to know

With just ten days until the start of the CONIFA World Football Cup, here's all the info you need for our African sides competing.

With just ten days to go until the start of the CONIFA World Football Cup, interest is building in the tournament.

Over the span of ten days, non-league grounds across London will play host to teams from across the world, in the name of promoting relations “between people, nations, minorities and isolated regions all over the world through friendship, culture and the joy of playing football.”

“CONIFA works for the development of affiliated members and is committed to fair play and the eradication of racism.”

The second biggest International Football Federation after FIFA, CONIFA members are those that do not fall into the pre-defined category of a country – some are regions with-in countries, either vying for independence or merely keen to represent their region.

Others represent diasporas of people in foreign countries, such as hosts Barawa – representing the Somalia diaspora in the UK.

Here at Le Chic Foot D’Afrique, we have an obvious interest in the fortunes of the three African sides competing – the aforementioned hosts Barawa, Kabylia of Algeria, and Matabeleland of Zimbabwe.

Below, you can see their squad lists as well as their fixtures.

The tournament is a quick affair – with teams playing multiple matches in a ten day span. Even if a side is “knocked-out” in the traditional sense, they will still remain in the competition – instead dropping into a placement bracket.

Due to multiple fixture clashes, Le Chic Foot D’Afrique has had to be selective with the games it chooses. As a one-man team, we can only be in one place at a time. As well as this, costs have to be factored in as well. Games in blue are games chosen for coverage.

Squad Lists and Fixtures:

NB as of 21/5/18 13:00 only Barawa have announced their squad.






Head Coach: Abdikarim Farah


Calvin King (3 Caps, Unattached)
Hafed Al Droubi (1 Cap, Unattached)


Mahad Mohamed (8 Caps, 2 Goals, Unattached)
Said Tahir (8 Caps, Unattached)
Ayuub Ali (5 Caps, Brimsdown FC)
Ode Alfa (Uncapped, Queens Park Rangers)
Tarik Kwon (1 Cap, Unattached)
Zakaria Bachi (4 Caps, Kensington Borough FC)


Mohamed Arale (1 Cap, Unattached)
Omar Sufi (13 Caps, Unattached)
 Aryan Tajbakhsh (2 Caps, Crawley Town FC)
 Ridwan Hussien (8 Caps, 3 Goals, Brimsdown FC)
 Gianni Chrichlow (1 Cap, Unattached)
 Luca Dawrika (3 Caps, 4 Goals, Unattached)
 Solomon Sambou (1 Cap, St. Albans City)
 Shaun Lucien (1 Cap, St. Albans City)
 Shaquille Ismail (7 Caps, 2 Goals, Wealdstone FC)
 Jesse Debrah (Uncapped, Milwall FC)

 Courtney Jamal Austin (3 Caps, Southall FC)
 Kingsley Eshun (8 Caps, 7 Goals, Queens Park Rangers)
 Jeylani Sufi (10 Caps, 6 Goals, London Rangers FC)
 Dahir Ali (12 Caps, 6 Goals, Unattached)
 Simon Noel (3 Caps, Unattached)



Barawa v Tamil Eelam

May 31 // Opening Ceremony 7pm, Kickoff 8pm
Hayes Lane (Bromley FC)

Barawa v Cascadia

Jun 2 // 2pm
Colston Avenue Football Stadium (Carshalton Athletic FC)

Barawa v Ellan Vannin

Jun 3 // 3pm
Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC)


No Squad announced yet, but ex-Liverpool and Zimbabwe international Bruce Grobbelaar has been announced as a coach and ambassador. Zimbabwe International Cliff Moyo will be in the Squad.



Coach: Justin Walley


Padania v Matabeleland

May 31 // 3pm
Gander Green Lane (Sutton United FC)

Székely Land v Matabeleland

Jun 2 // 2pm
Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC)

Tuvalu v Matabeleland

Jun 3 // 6pm
Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC)


Again there has been no announcements regarding Kabylia’s squad.



Panjab v Kabylia

May 31 // 3pm
Arbour Park (Slough Town FC)

United Koreans in Japan v Kabylia

Jun 2 // 2pm
Larges Lane (Bracknell Town FC)

Western Armenia v Kabylia

Jun 3 // 6pm
Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC)


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