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Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup: African teams’ fixtures

The 31st of May sees the start of the “other” World Cup – The CONIFA World Football Cup, an international tournament for sides that represent regions not recognised by FIFA.

In the 16 team tournament, there are three African representatives – and you can find out when and where they are playing below.

Due to the nature of the tournament, even once teams are “knocked-out” they still play placement matches, so all sides will have further games to play after the initial matches.

You can see the full fixture list here.

Barawa – Group A


Representing the Somalia diaspora in England, and named after a Port Town in their home country, Barawa are the hosts of this year’s tournament. They are currently ranked 11th in CONIFA’S standings.

Barawa kick off their campaign last, as their match will take place after the Opening Ceremony. They’ll face Tamil Eelam, a side representing the Tamil region of Sri Lanka.

With the tournament played in just a span of 10 days, there is only one rest day between their opener and the second group game, against North American Cascadia.

Their last group game will see them take on Ellan Vannin the following day. Ellan Vannin represent the Isle of Mann.


Barawa v Tamil Eelam – Thursday 31st May 8PM – Venue TBA

Barawa v Cascadia – Saturday 1st June 2PM – Colston Avenue Football Stadium (Carshalton Athletic FC) (Buy Tickets Here)

Barawa v Ellan Vannin – Sunday 2nd June 3PM – Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC) (Buy Tickets Here)


Matabeleland – Group C


Matabeleland is a region is the South West and West of Zimbabwe. They are currently unranked, and were seeded in the 4th pot prior to the draw.

The Southern African side face a tough ask in their face game, against Italian based Padania – who are one of the tournament favourites, after being crowned European Champions in their last major tournament.

Gander Green Lane will welcome the two sides to the home of Sutton United – and fans will recognise the artificial pitch from the Non-League side’s clash with Arsenal in last year’s FA Cup. You can look at ticketing information for that clash here.

After their first game, Székely Land will be their next opponents. The Romanian based side, who represent a sub-group of the Hungarian people, are ranked fifth in the world, so expect another hard match for Matabeleland.

Finally, the Zim-based team will face last-minute entrants Tuvalu, who took the place of fellow Oceania side Kiribati after the former couldn’t travel due to financial constraints. Matabeleland themselves still need help in securing their way to London, and you can help by visiting this link: 


Padania v Matabeleland – Thursday 31st May 3PM – Gander Green Lane (Sutton United)

Székely Land v Matabeleland – Saturday 1st June 2PM – Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC)

Tuvalu v Matabeleland – Sunday 2nd June 6PM – Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC)

Kabylia – Group D


Representing an area of Northern Algeria that is home to roughly 10 million, Kabylia is another unranked nation. In their group they have the no.1 ranked side, Panjab XI, who they’ll face first.

After their tough opener they face United Koreans in Japan, before finishing their group stage campaign with a clash against Western Armenia at Enfield Town’s ground, the Queen Elizabeth II stadium.

Kabylia’s first two games have yet to be given a venue.


Panjab v Kabylia – Thursday 31st May 2PM – Venue TBA

United Koreans of Japan v Kabylia – Saturday 1st June 2PM – Venue TBA

Western Armenia v Kabylia – Sunday 2nd June 2PM – Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC)

Knockout Stages

Tuesday 5th June

Quarter Finals:

Quarter-Final A (Group A Winner v Group B Runner-Up) – 3PM – Gander Green Lane (Sutton United FC)

Quarter-Final B (Group C Winner v Group D Runner-Up) – 3PM – Venue TBA

Quarter-Final C (Group A Runner-Up v Group A Winner) – 6PM – Gander Green Lane (Sutton United FC)

Quarter-Final D (Group C Runner-Up v Group D Winner) – 6PM – Hayes Lane (Bromley FC)

Knock-Out Matches (3rd/4th Place)

Knock-Out Match A (3rd, Group A v 4th, Group B) – 3PM – Hayes Lane (Bromley FC)

Knock-Out Match B (3rd, Group C v 4th, Group D) – 3PM – Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC)


Knock-Out Match C (4th, Group A v 3rd, Group B) – 6PM –  Venue TBA

Knock-Out Match D (4th, Group C v 4rd, Group D) – 6PM – Venue TBA

Thursday 7th June


Semi-Final A (Winner, Quarter-Final A v Winner, Quarter-Final B) – 5PM – Venue TBA

Semi-Final B (Winner, Quarter-Final C v Winner, Quarter-Final D) – 8PM – Venue TBA

Placement Matches:

Placement Match A – 12PM – Venue TBA

Placement Match B – 12PM – Gander Green Lane (Sutton United FC)

Placement Match C – 12PM – Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC)

Placement Match D – 12PM – Hayes Lane (Bromley FC)

Placement Match E – 3PM –  Gander Green Lane (Sutton United FC)

Placement Match F – 3PM – Hayes Lane (Bromley FC)

Friday 9th June

Final: (Winner, Semi-Final A v Winner, Semi-Final B) – 6PM – Venue TBA

3rd Place Playoff: (Loser, Semi-Final A v Loser, Semi-Final B) – 3PM – Venue TBA

Placement Matches:

Placement Match G – 12PM – Venue TBA

Placement Match H – 12PM – Venue TBA

Placement Match I – 12PM – Venue TBA

Placement Match J – 12PM – Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC)

Placement Match K – 3pm – Queen Elizabeth II Stadium (Enfield Town FC)

Placement Match L – 3pm – Coles Park Stadium (Haringey Borough FC)


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