March Internationals

This month sees the first Men’s International break of 2018, which allows African national sides to play friendlies both against other African sides, or other international teams.

The second matchday of the AFCON 2019 Qualifiers were due to be played, but postponed until September to allow for friendlies to prepare countries travelling to the World Cup.

This is just an aggregation of reported fixtures, which can hard to actually find information on. As such, some fixtures might have been cancelled but not been updated.

African sides are in bold, an asterisk (*) denotes doubt regarding the veracity of a fixture.

Men’s Senior Friendlies

International FriendlyUganda v Malawi* – 17th March 2018

International FriendlyTogo v Madagascar – 21st March 2018

International FriendlyAlgeria v Tanzania – 22nd March 2018

King’s Cup – Thailand v Gabon – 22nd March 2018

King’s Cup – Slovakia/UAE v Gabon – 25th March 2018

International FriendlyTunisia v Iran – 23rd March 2018

International Friendly – Japan v Mali – 23rd March 2018 – Hosted in Liège, Belgium

International FriendlySenegal v Uzbekistan – 23rd March 2018 – Hosted in Casablanca, Morocco

International Friendly – Serbia v Morocco – 23rd March 2018 – Hosted in Turin, Italy

International Friendly – Poland v Nigeria – 23rd March 2018

International Friendly – Portugal v Egypt – 23rd March 2018 – Hosted in Zurich, Switzerland

International FriendlyTogo v Cote D’Ivoire* – 24th March 2018

International FriendlySouth Africa v Zimbabwe* – 25th March 2018 – Hosted in Lusaka, Zambia

International Friendly – Kuwait v Cameroon* – 25th March 2018

International Friendly – Iran v Algeria – 27th March 2018

International FriendlyMorocco v Uzbekistan – 27th March 2018

International FriendlyNigeria v Serbia – 27th March 2018 – Hosted in Barnet, England

International FriendlyTanzania v DR Congo* – 27th March 2018

International Friendly – Bosnia & Herzegovina v Senegal – 27th March 2018

International FriendlyEgypt v Greece – 27th March 2018 – Hosted in Zurich, Switzerland

International FriendlyTunisia v Costa Rica – 27th March 2018 – Hosted in Nice, France

International Friendly – Zambia v South Africa* – ?? March 2018






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